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Here are some selected places I have visited so far;

Visit to London

I love to visit London and whenever I got opportunities and free times to go to London, I became energetic and excited. I came to the UK in 10th of September, 2017 (Sunday) from India and that was my first visit to any of the countries in the world. Though I didn't have any scope to put my feet in the central London until May, 2018 as I took the flight from Kolkata, India to Leeds Bradford Airport. Once I reached Leeds, I became incredibly busy with my course. I remember the day, it was 24th of May, 2018, I saw London Eye and Tower Bridge first time and became very nostalgic as started remembering all those nights I spent in my home thinking and imagining to see these two historic symbols once in my entire life.


Though, it was a short trip for two days only but as I was fully energised and covered many places. I started from the Tower Bridge and I finished the tour by visiting the Buckingham Palace. In between, I have been to the London School of Economics, King’s College London, walked along the River Thames for many kilometres, visited the Borough Market, Victoria coach station, Westminster Church, St. Cathedral, Green park, Trafalgar Square, National Museum and many more places, also used the London Metro for the first time and did boating on Thames. Here are some of the photos of my first London visit and for more photos click here.

Visit to the University of Oxford

Recently, I have visited the University of Oxford and I must say that the University is exceptionally beautiful. The architecture of the buildings are amazing and every building is historic. The centre of attraction in Oxford University is of course the Radcliffe Camera which was built during 1737-49. The distance of Oxford from Leeds is 270 km and it takes approximately 3 hours of bus journey. I visited most of the schools and libraries and took many photographs as these are memories I can keep for long. The city of Oxford is itself an example of rich culture, educational hub and great hospitality. It is a student friendly city with lots of cafeterias, bars, pubs, delicious street food stalls. 


I was blessed to have this opportunity to visit the oldest University in the English-speaking world, established in 1096 and few colleges out of the 38 colleges of Oxford. Here are some of the photos to show the glimpses of the Outstanding Oxford and more photos are available here.

Visit to the University of Cambridge

Last year in November, I went to the University of Cambridge to attend the postgraduate open day and visited many places in the campus. Cambridge is among the most beautiful campuses with full of greenery and ample open spaces. The University was established in 1209 and is the second oldest University in the English-speaking world after Oxford University and is the world's fourth oldest surviving university.


Cambridge is 236 km away from leeds and it takes nearly 3 hours by bus. The main attraction in the university is the King's College and the University Church. There are many other places in the campus, equally popular and the centre of tourist attraction, such as the Cambridge Canal, Queens' College, Trinity College, Cambridge Botanical garden, Fitzwilliam Museum etc. Based on my experience in the campus, I call the University of Cambridge is the Colourful Cambridge. Please click here for more photos of the university.

Trip to Manchester

Few day ago, I travelled to Manchester which is the third most-visited city in the UK after London and Edinburgh. Manchester is popularly known as the media city and also famous for the Manchester United Football team. As being one of the biggest fan of Manchester United FC, I had a dream to visit the stadium and keep some memories. It is very near to Leeds, only one hour journey (70km). Manchester has a great history for its contribution to the industrial revolution.


I spent more than two hours in the stadium, took photos, visited the Manchester United official store from where I bought a banner which I will showcase in my room. It was not too crowded as because of sunday and there was no match. Then I went to the University of Manchester as the campus is just 5 km away from the stadium. The campus is very beautiful and each building has unique architecture with red coloured roof makes the campus more pretty. The university has a large museum with huge collection of old species and rocks, some of which are millions of years old. To me, it is the Marvellous Manchester. More photos are available here.

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