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Junior Flood Modeller at JBA Consulting, Skipton 

Besides my academic studies, I worked as a part-time Junior Flood Modeller (technical assistant grade) at JBA Consulting on the project ‘Wales National Flood Risk Assessment (Wales-NaFRA)’ for six months from February to August 2018. In this role, I was responsible for fluvial, pluvial and coastal hydraulic modelling of both urban and rural areas and communicated with stakeholders such as local authorities on an online platform to receive their comments and upgraded if it was required for ensuring client satisfaction with the outcomes I delivered, also to handle large datasets in the form of excel spreadsheets. I mainly used ArcGIS and QGIS for processing the data and as a responsible member of the team, I always prioritised my own works based on the deadlines and requirements by consulting with team leader and other members.

This role enabled me to improve my technical and flood modelling skills. I also developed teamwork and time management skills by working in a busy and challenging environment in this role and enriched my ability to perform effectively under pressure and desire to achieve standard result. I believe that I nurtured my communication skill in professional environment by interacting with my team leader along with my colleagues despite the fact I am a non-native speaker.

BVM-Broad Scale Flood Modeller.PNG

Figure: Working as a Junior Flood Modeller within the Modelling Team.

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