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Cityscape Conference at New Delhi in 2016.

During my first MSc Degree at Jamia Millia Islamia, I attended the Indo-German Conference on 'CITYSCAPES' at the India habitat centre in New Delhi, India, jointly organised by the German House for Research and Innovation (DWIH) and the Government of India from September 29 to October 01, 2016.

Global leaders and experts from diverse backgrounds got together to address the issues our societies have been facing such as urbanization impact on environment, smart cities: Industry perspectives, mapping human skills, cities and migration, for a future sustainable peri-urban India etc.

It was a great event to me in-terms of network as I met some of the highly motivated scholars working on the various environmental issues, leading academic and industry experts. I also had the opportunity to interact with Prof Frauke Kraas from the Institute of Geography, University of Cologne, Germany who chaired a session at the conference.


From top left to bottom right: All the dignitaries of the conference; me with Professor Frauke Kraas; Presentation on air pollution in Delhi; Panel discussion on Indian smart city project. 

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