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Activities as an International Students Ambassador

I have been working as an International Students Ambassador for the University of Leeds since January 2018 and for this role, I undertake the responsibilities to communicate with all the prospective students from all over the world (mainly international students) using a range of methods for instance, live chat events in social media, emailing, presentation etc. My other responsibilities including campus tours for the students and their families who visit to the campus, to make promotional videos about the facilities and exposures available to study different courses at our university.

I am also responsible to volunteer summer schools, organising trips to various places off campus, attending events and writing blogs. Apart from these, while studying as a postgraduate, I was responsible to attend monthly students-staff forum meetings for raising issues regarding class activities and to convey the outcomes to the fellow classmates through group chat messages in social media or face-to-face which required me to be an active listener to listen to their voice patiently and to be a messenger to reach the information to the forum.

These roles helped me to develop an effective communication skill in terms of speaking and writing.I believe that I nurtured my communication skill by interacting with my fellow classmates, tutors and wide range of people from diverse academic and professional backgrounds. In May 2018, I had the opportunity to attend the biggest music festival 'Live at Leeds' to listen some of the legendary artists throughout the day with my colleague and based on the experience we wrote a blog. I also wrote another blog based on my fieldwork experience which is available to read here. Following are some of the moment of Live at Leeds music festival event and the occasion when I volunteered the Global Osaka summer school to the trip to Whitby bay. 


Figure: Attending the Live at Leeds music festival and outdoor volunteering activities.

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