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BSc (Honours) in Geography from Aliah University

It's all started here! Yes, it is true that the journey began from here with the first lecture at Aliah University on 25th July 2011. Thereafter, I spent three valuable years to make myself efficient and fruitful for the society, acquire knowledge, developed key interest on further studies, created memories and made new friends. I still remember, we were the third batch of the university as university established on 2007 and first batch started from 2008-09 session. We didn't have our permanent campus and specific classrooms. It was quite exciting and equally challenging to attend one lecture in DN-47 (first building) and next lecture at Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Bhavan (another building) within 15 minutes, but these couldn't stop me to dream big. Ample amount of energy and motivation to achieve my goals made all these hindrances very easy and finally I did all well. Never realised when the time came to leave the university in 2014 and within these three years we saw changes, dynamic nature and how the university was growing and spreading its branches from the foundation stone laying ceremony to its full fledge brand new campus at New Town and Park Circus. This university gave me almost everything from family to teachers and made me realise what I am and what I can achieve using all those inspirations and skills acquired from here. This university was no doubt the platform to think about higher education. I utilised all the available resources and as a result, I finished my Undergraduate (BSc) Degree with first division and ranked first in 2014. Being the university topper, I am still waiting for the first convocation to receive the prestigious university Gold Medal and honour which I deserve. Following are some of the university memories during this journey at Aliah University.


From top left to bottom right:  Our fresher's welcome event, classes, Department of Geography,    Shifting of the Department, New campus stone-laying ceremony, University football team, Vacation time at Digha, University campus at New Town, Leaving the university for higher studies in New Delhi.

First Hostel Life during the BSc

I never studied outside of our city until I started my Bachelor studies at Aliah University, Kolkata. I still remember that words of one our relatives 'hostel life in Kolkata is very bad mainly food, you would be spoiled and at the end you would be out of control'. With these negative impressions of hostel, I came to kolkata and saw the metropolitan city first time in my life. Initially, for few days, I stayed with someone who was from the same city and then I moved to a private accommodation where I met some amazing friends. After two months, I shifted to the university hostel with my friends and in the first day at hostel, I realised that is was none other than a family.​


Figure: Activities at the Hostel.

The memories we made during our hostel life are precious which couldn't have been possible if I wouldn't take that bold decision to come out from home. I still remember the monthly grand parties, late night football matches, indoor activities, playing cards, gossiping and doing geography practical whole nights with friends. In this way after spending three spectacular years, when I finished my BSc with the first position in the batch and secured admission in MSc at Jamia Millia Islamia (a central government university), I met that relative and just politely informed that he was wrong in all the ways, neither the foods were bad, nor I was spoiled or out of control and also added that I took his words a challenges and work hard to prove him wrong and I was successful to do that.

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