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National Seminar on Negotiating Nature, Culture and the Future at the Department of Geography, Presidency University, Kolkata, India from Feb 28- Mar 01, 2019.

Presidency University in Kolkata organised a national seminar on negotiating nature, culture and the future where I have presented a paper titled 'First-Pass GIS-based MC-LCP method for GLOF modelling in the data-poor Himalayan region' under the theme of Vulnerability and Susceptibility Analysis.

It was an honor to present my work in front of my undergraduate (BSc) tutor and mentor but I was confident and succeed to impress everyone by my presentation. I learned loads of new information about the current environmental status all around the world and how we have been negotiating with the mother nature since the industrial revolution and also knew many innovative ideas to deal with these challenges in this era of global warming and climate change to make a sustainable future. More information about the conference are available at NNCF-Presidency-2019


Figure: Inauguration, Presentation, abstracts publishing, lectures at the National Seminar on Negotiating Nature, Culture and the Future.

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